Catholic School Council

St. Martin of Tours Catholic School Council

In their pastoral letter Renewing the Promise, the Ontario Bishops suggest to parents of Catholic school students "School Councils are opportunities for faith formation and collaboration, where parents and school staff learn from each other, pray together, and work alongside each other to ensure all children have opportunities to grow in faith and in their learning." In this spirit, I encourage you to consider joining our Catholic School Council in order to work with your child's school to create the best possible Catholic Education experience we can. As a parent/guardian, you too are part of the St. Martin of Tours family - a valued member whose voice we want to hear.

Catholic School Council meetings are typically 6 times a school year. Commitment to the Catholic School Council ranges from 5-15 hours a month depending on your desired level of involvement. Committee work may be requested at times to assist the school and the council to achieve vital projects.


The Catholic School Council for the 2023-2024 School Year:

Chair: Mrs. Malcolmson-McCrackin

Vice Chair: Mrs. Jackman

Treasurer: Mrs. Henriques

Secretary: Mrs. Lawton

Voting Members at Large: Mrs. Heeley, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Corradetti-Sargeant, Mrs. McTaggart, Mrs. Ferrie, Mrs. Villella

Catholic School Council Guidelines: