Student Council

Student Council Responsibilities

The St. Martin of Tours' Student Council's goals are to do the following:
-to enhance school spirit
-to commit ourselves to acts of service

Further to this, the Student Council has decided to alternate Civies Days and Spirit Days. Therefore, one month we will have a Civies Day (students can wear clothing outside of the school uniform policy, still considering appropriateness) and the next month will be a Spirit Day (eg. Hallowe’en Costume Day- students dress up all day). For every Civies Day or Spirit Day, we will be asking students to bring in a canned food or non-perishable food item. In this way, we will have a monthly food drive. What a great way to demonstrate a commitment to service to others who are less fortunate!

Throughout the year, the council will work in conjunction with their teacher advisors to plan and spearhead activities that build community and focus on going out to make positive contributions in the world at large.