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DSR: Daily School Route

Dear STMR Families, 

Last fall, as part of an initiative called the Daily School Route (DSR), our school community participated in a survey and mapping study called School Walk. To supplement this survey we also conducted on ground observation of many locations around the school. These methods helped us understand how students are getting to school along with any barriers they may be facing along the way.

The top three suggestions from the survey to support walking/wheeling to school were improved street safety, designated routes to school, and more students walking/wheeling along the same route. In an effort to address all three of these great suggestions, the plan is to designate 'school routes' to provide a focus for safety improvements and to get more students walking along the same route.

The following link reveals the results of the survey in the fall which present the top four routes identified by the SMTR School Community. The purpose of this survey is to determine if these are indeed the right routes to be designated, and to learn more about them. It should take less than five minutes of your time. We hope that you will complete the survey to help us verify these routes with the ultimate goal of making St. Martin of Tours an easier destination for kids to walk/wheel.

You can access the survey here: ...

DSR: Daily School Route